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Beware Of The Dog / special edition
  • Beware Of The Dog / special edition

    Taking travel photos across England, Spain, France & Morroco out of context, Alex LLovet put together the edition of this conceptual narration.

    Beware Of The Dog is the journey to maturity, the transition in which desire, the idea of death, and the scars caused by the passing of time all appear. These concepts replace the space that fiction occupies when we are children, with “reality”, and awareness of the adult world.But where are the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual, between tangibility and faith, between fear and trust? How far can we appeal to fantasy to fill the void of the inexplicable and the unknown?The loss of innocence means realizing whether or not your fears are really yours or other people’s, and whether your imagination is going to keep on saving you or not.


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