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Cartographie Éphémère
  • Cartographie Éphémère

    On 7 January 2019, Mendia Echeverria entered the Bois de Vincennes in Paris for the first time, accompanied by a map, a camera and a plan. Her goal, to unravel the mysteries surrounding Le Grand Rocher, a 65-metre high hollow artificial rock built in 1934 in the middle of the park. Four months later, Mendia came out with this collection of images, a cartography of that time and place.

    This book is the result of a theoretical and visual reflection on the photographic construction of memory; an artistic investigation that allows us to obtain a trace, both past and present, of the place photographed. The author introduces us to a world where the natural and the artificial coexist in a paradoxical way, proposing a journey through space and time, and generating a physical map in which the real - the forest - and the simulacrum - the rock - form an inseparable whole, a reflection of the contemporary world.

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      First edition: 300 copies

      Photographs: Mendia Echeverria

      Texts: Esteban Andueza, Juan Jesús Torres and Mendia Echeverria (all texts in English, French, Spanish and Vasc)

      Design: underbau

      Edition: Alex Llovet and Josep Maria de Llobet

      Prepress: Eduardo Nave

      22 x 26,5 cm

      Printed at Agpograf

      Hardcover with three-level dry-embossed binding

      164 pages

      59 black and white images

      Price: 39€

      Publication date: Septembre 2021

    39,00 €Precio
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