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Devil's Rib
  • Devil's Rib

    Mateusz Kowalik's first book Devil's Rib explores the radical and inspiring choice some people make to live in nature, modern hermits who voluntarily decide to escape the frenetic pace of our daily urban life, to dwell in a wild environment with its charms and difficulties. The author spent a year in the Polish wilderness experiencing and documenting this choice.

    The images introduce us to a world where nothing is taken for granted. Seemingly idyllic, the imperfect landscapes and the people portrayed manage to convey the reality of this alternative way of life. The photographs combine strength and vulnerability, tension and calm in equal measure, while the accompanying short texts offer complementary information about daily tasks and certain emotional aspects.

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      First edition: 1000 copies

      Concept, photographs and text: Mateusx Kowalik

      Sequence: Krzysztof Pacholak and Rafał Milach

      Design: Natalia Mikołajczuk

      Printing: Printing Shop (Petit - Lublin, Poland)

      19 x 26 cm (closed)

      92 pages in tritone

      Texts in English and Spanish (depending on the edition)

      Swiss hardcover binding

      Publication date: April 2023


      Winner of the second edition of the STAR PHOTOBOOK DUMMY AWARD organised by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation in loving memory of Inés Casals.

    35,00 €Precio
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