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Eduardo & Miguel
  • Eduardo & Miguel

    Eduardo & Miguel introduces us to the everyday life of the Portnoy brothers, twins over 50 years old who have never been separated. They live and work together, without other family members or close friends. They only have each other. The unusual duplicity of their existence and the particular complementarity of their lives reflect, however, such universal concepts as the construction of identity, the care of one's own vulnerability or the way we face loneliness.

    Designed by the prestigious Venezuelan designer Ricardo Báez, the book has two covers corresponding respectively to each of the twins, and can be read from both sides, functioning as a mirror that reflects them symmetrically in each other, until they converge in the central pages.


    As the psychoanalyst Susana Kuras Mauer points out in the text included in the book: "Vulnerable due to a certain maturity fragility and a state of family orphanhood, they sealed a pact of unconditional fidelity between them".

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      First edition: 1000 copies

      Photographs: Ignacio Coló

      Texts: Susana Kuras Mauer and Ignacio Coló (all in Spanish and English)

      Design: Ricardo Báez

      Edition: Ediciones Posibles, Phree and RM

      Prepress: La Troupe

      21 x 29 cm

      Printing: SYL

      Japanese binding

      112 pages

      58 colour photographs

      Price: 35€

      Publication date: April 2022




      Winner of the first edition of the STAR PHOTOBOOK DUMMY AWARD, organised by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation in loving memory of Inés Casals.

    35,00 €Precio
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