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Hotel Sweet Hotel
  • Hotel Sweet Hotel

    Of all the stages of humanity, one of the most significant probably took place when Homo sapiens established the essential shift from nomadism to sedentism. This Neolithic revolution allowed the conversion from hunter-gatherer status to agriculture, pastoralism and later trade, and the idea of 'home' appeared.Linked to shelter, family, belonging or the self, the response to the concept of home is debated between place, feeling or 'being in the world'. But what is happening in our over-modern present when, beyond migratory phenomena and mass tourism, a new nomadic culture seems to have re-emerged? We live in a 'liquid' world of constant flows, where displacement, change and immediacy affect such established spheres of the human as the family, the profession or the home. In this context of globalised travel and mobility, the need to be hosted is more pressing than ever. Hotel management, a human discipline dating back to antiquity, is dedicated to the art of providing this accommodation.Hotel Sweet Hotel is an extensive taxonomical collection of hotel room interiors and outbuildings, produced over more than two decades in over a hundred countries on five continents. Addressing disciplines as diverse as sociology, geography, architecture and psychology, Hotel Sweet Hotel is a tribute to the 'journey' and the human virtue of hospitality, analysing concepts such as difference, globalisation, loneliness and the traveller's complicity with a space that becomes a temporary home. Balancing on the polarity between interior and exterior -whether through the physical frame of the window, or through the omnipresent screens of the TV, the computer or the smartphone-, in Hotel Sweet Hotel the great variety and eclecticism of rooms and lodgings points, with subtle irony, towards a certain anthropology of the journey.

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      First edition: 700 copies

      Photographs: Roger Grasas

      Design: Carles Murillo

      Prepress: La Troupe

      Printing: Artefacto

      10 x 26,5 cm (closed)

      384 pages (with 13 fold-out pages)

      Texts in English

      Binding with exposed thread + printed dust jacket

      Includes 570 x 780 cm fold-out map

      Publication date: March 2023

    40,00 €Precio
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