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Not About Lockdown
  • Not About Lockdown

    On 26 July 2020 Alex Llovet landed with his wife and two daughters in Bristol, UK. Because of COVID-19, a few hours earlier the British government had imposed a fourteen-day quarantine on citizens from various countries, including Spain.

    Llovet took all the images in this work during his confinement in an old isolated house in the middle of the woods in Cornwall, an idyllic place where his parents-in-law live. With his camera, the author questions the limits between reality and fiction, and manages to capture our most intimate fears and hopes arising from this global crisis, sublimating the everyday life of his family to reveal realities beyond appearances.


    In his own words: "In a context as dystopian as it was disconcerting, the act of taking photographs became a poetic refuge from which to palliate the effects of the lack of freedom, because even paradise can become a prison if you are forced to remain in it".

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      First edition: 400 copies

      Photographs, editing and design: Alex Llovet

      Pre-press: Josep Maria de Llobet

      15 x 20 cm

      44 duotone photographs + 4 in colour

      92 pages

      Printing: Estudios Durero

      Paperback binding with stamping and cloth on the spine

      Texts by Alex Llovet in English, French and Spanish

      Publication date: 1 March 2021

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      Awards / Press

      - LIFE FRAMER (Humans Of The World) - Honorary mention

      "A brilliant impression of how so many of us are coping during the pandemic" - Amy Keller, photo editor at The New York Times.

      "A refreshing take on a most unusual year. Congratulations." - Simon Roberts.

      - CORTONA ON THE MOVE in collaboration with LENS CULTURE - Selected as part of the ongoing permanent archive on the coronavirus pandemic "The COVID-19 Visual Project. A Time of Distance.", conceived and produced by Cortona On The Move in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo.”

      - "A wonderful book" - Paco Gómez.

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