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  • Pastinsky

    "My great-uncle was an unusual man. At the age of 78 he began to paint in a self-taught way. He did it on cardboard, on impulse, and his production was massive. He filled his house with paintings, and those that didn't fit there were piled up in the farmhouse where he spent his summers. Family legend has it that his children, on seeing his first works, mockingly told him that they looked like "pastiches" (copies of different styles). His response was to sign from that moment onwards as Pastinsky."


    Pastinsky is a journey into the family home of a unique painter. During four photographic sessions, the author documents the preparations for the move of Margarita, the only one of the artist's children who still lives there, surrounded by his work. They have increased her rent and this time she has to leave, one more victim of the centrifugal migratory current to which the inhabitants of this city are dragged, but first she can still pay one last tribute to her father.


    "As the photo sessions progressed, every time I entered a room I found it changed, with less furniture and more boxes. In the end, only the paintings remained on the walls, transforming the house into an art gallery where I was able to see Pastinsky's last exhibition."

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      First edition: 300 copies
      Photographs, text and design: Josep Maria de Llobet
      Conceptualisation and editing: Alex Llovet and Josep Maria de Llobet
      Translation: Rebecca Gale Hayes
      Pre-press: La troupe
      Printing: Artefacto
      Printing coordination: Dani Rodríguez Camus

      16,5 x 22,5 cm

      115 pages

      44 colour photographs
      Swiss binding with 5 different dust jackets
      Publication date: December 2023

    35,00 €Precio
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