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+ (special edition)
  • + (special edition)

    Special edition of the book limited to 33 copies that include a photograph (dyptich) signed by the author.

    Once you've made the purchase, we'll send you an email with the available images.


    As its name indicates, + is the result of a sum, a work whose scenes, apparently unconnected, dialogue with each other through mystery and the poetics of randomness to generate new and surprising interpretations over and over again.


    David Salcedo manages to raise "street photography" to another level, pushing the limits of visual narrative through an open edition that values the reader's capacity for interaction, thus showing that the true creative action is his work process.


    The book, spiral-bound and with all the pages split in half, tricks the eye with a diversity of photographs that can be combined in a single image through thousands of possible combinations, turning its reading into a trompe l'oeil, a constant surprise, and a game in which the reader will be inevitably trapped.


    After winning the Nuevo Talento Fnac photography prize in 2015, + became one of the most eagerly awaited photobooks on the Spanish photography scene. But it has required seven years of work to achieve the construction of this complex puzzle.


    In the author's own words: "There were moments when I had the feeling of being in front of a sea of images, and this perception is the one that is prolonged in the sequence of the book".


    The 66 photographs that make up the book " + ", when combined, form 1089 diptychs, 256 triptychs and 65,536 quadripartite. These are figures that in one publication can be confusing, astonishing, disorienting and surprising. But if they can achieve all that, David Salcedo is getting what he wants, as + he is trying to make the readers feel the same vertigo and illusions that the author felt during the process of editing the work. A tribute to that key moment that puts the author on the ropes, when he is slapped in the face at the same time by the composition, the technique, the subject and, in the end, the strange presence that things acquire when they are photographed.


    "A drop + a drop is not two drops, it is a bigger drop that is talking about the sea".

    David Salcedo

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      Special edition: 33 copies

      Photography and texts: David Salcedo

      Design: Julián Garnés, Elena Ortiz y Silvia Bancells.

      17,5 x 21 cm

      66 black and white photographs

      132 pages in two groups of 66 pages 10 x 15 cm (33 + 33 sheets)

      Printing: Impresum

      Black wire-o with spiral binding

      Publication date: November 2022

    120,00 €Precio
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