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  • Syrma

    Syrma is a star in the constellation of Virgo located 69.8 light years from the Solar System. David Inclán, captivated by the idea that, when looking at the firmament, the light we see from the stars is that which they emitted millions of years ago, enters into this magical space-time relationship.

    He invites us to an imaginary journey to this distant star, which ends up becoming an introspective inner journey where he delves into the themes that fly over all his work: the passage of time, the cycles of life, emptiness, lost childhood or spirituality.


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      First edition: 150 numbered copies

      Photographs: David Inclán

      Art direction: Inés Casals

      Edition: Ediciones Posibles

      21 x 13 cm

      Printing: Estudios Durero

      Fabric hard cover with stamping

      Round spine

      96 pages

      48 color photographs

      Price: 35€

      Publication date: September 2020

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      Winner of the VII AFTM Scholarship (Amics de la Fotografia Torroella de Montgrí)

    35,00 €Precio
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