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The Waste Land
  • The Waste Land

    T. S. Eliot published in 1922, in the midst of a world ravaged by the First World War, The Waste Land, a major poem that burst the seams of the poetic tradition up to that time. It was the cry of rage of a generation facing the consequences of the catastrophe. One hundred years later, Fernando Puche takes the pulse of today's society, searching in the resonances of the territory itself, a world that bears some resemblance to that one. A reflective book with a format and layout inherited from Eliot's original edition, which questions and questions itself, interweaving the literary, the photographic, the emotional and the theoretical. The photograph, the landscape, the author and the reader are here actors aligned in a dialectical problem that Fernando puts on the table. A cry of rage like that of 1922, provoked this time by the devastating effects of climate change.

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      First edition: 250 copies

      Photography and texts: Fernando Puche

      Editionn: Juan Vallbuena and Fernando Puche

      Design: underbau

      Pre-press: Miguel Puche

      12 x 18,5 cm (as in Eliot's original publication)

      27 color photographs

      104 pages

      Printing: Palermo

      Otabind binding without creases, cloth-covered and printed in red.

      Publication date: September 2022


      There is an edition that includes a booklet with the texts translated into English. If you want it, please specify when ordering.

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